Keene 140S with Hi Vac Power System

Keene 140S with Hi Vac Power System

Keene Engineering

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Save with this perfect match for efficiency and portability. Our powerful HVC gas powered dry vacuum system paired with our the 140 drywasher. The HVC runs all day on just one gallon of gasoline and can literally vacuum and clean gold deposits from cracks, crevices and moss. The 140 Drywasher is easy to assemble, requiring no tools. Adjustable oscillating vibrator. Dual action riffle design for any gravel conditions. Large feed hopper holds up to 2 1/2 gallon capacity. Adjustable flow gate controls flow of material over riffles. Achieve excellent gold recovery with electrostatic charge and our oscillating vibration.

The NEW HVS units incorporate 4 Stroke Makita Blowers for added efficiency and quieter operation without the need to mix oil and gas!

This combo package comes with all the accessories to start a dry washing operation. Comes with 8 feet of 3 inch hose and clamps to complete the system.

Net Weight: 35lbs.

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